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Bernard Alligand Artist studio

© Maxime Godard

Bernard Alligand is a French painter and engraver, born in 1953 in Angers (Maine-et-Loire). He lives, works in France and travels abroad regularly.

“To travel is to discover sensations, smells, to nourish my creation…”.


For Bernard Alligand, the landscape is transformed into a vast display from which he comes to stock up: Egypt, Iceland, Japan, Laos, Morocco… For him, any abstract painting remains linked to nature. His ethno-compositions constitute as many invitations to a journey in time and space.


Bernard Alligand is an artist of matter, light and movement. His many trips are a source of inspiration that he uses in different media. Multidisciplinary, his pictorial work is imprinted with all kinds of materials: minerals, plants, manufactured objects, raw, recycled… which he translates into materialist, lyrical compositions.

His work is present in institutional and private collections. He exhibits on all continents Learn more
Several conservation funds (heritage) of the work of Bernard Alligand have been set up since 1990:

A collection of his engraved work was created in 1990 at Dep. prints from the BNF in Paris.

A Fund bibliophile his work was created in 2009 in Angers library in which is preserved all the original editions (more than a hundred artists books) accompanied by essays, letters, models and descriptions in know more

A collection of his work engraved at the L. Nucéra media library in Nice was inaugurated in January 2019. It accommodates all the editions accompanied by sketches, plaques, essays Find out more

Two catalogs reasoned of the engraved work cover the period 1985-2018. Find out more

© Maxime Godard


© Maxime Godard

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